Remove Padlocks From Child Collections IN SCCM 2007

THis information was provided originally by VASANTHARAJ 
vasanth  used the following procedure to get rid of the padlocks on the child sites. After he removed the locks, he removed the address from the parent site to the child site. His parent site was only being used to run reports so removing the address caused no problems for him.

  • Stop Windows Management instrumentaion.
  • Run SQL Query Analyzer.
  • Select SMS as your DB.
  • Type and execute( Green triangle ):
    select * from collections
    In a normal situation, all Flag ID columns must be either 17 or 18. Let’s select only one collection for our test. For example, SiteID is SMS00004. It might be ALL Windows NT workstation Systems.
  • Type and execute: update collections set flags=’18’ where siteID=’SMS0004′
  • Go back to SMS Admin Console.
  • Refresh Collections and check if lock symbol is still there. If not, Run that collection.

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