Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 backups may fail if other VSS-aware backup software is scheduled to run concurrently.  In this scenario, the Smsbkup.log will show entries similar to the following:

Deleting E:\SMSbackup\SiteServer\SMSServer\inboxes\auth\\incoming, FAILED, Win32 Error = 145 Deleting E:\SMSBackup\SiteServer\SMSServer\inboxes\auth\, FAILED, Win32 Error = 145Deleting E:\SCCMBackup\Backup, FAILED, Win32 Error = 145Failed to delete the contents of the backup folder. Error Code = 0x0 SMS_SITE_BACKUP Error: Deleting the existing files in the backup location failed… SMS_SITE_BACKUPSMS site backup failed. Please see previous errors. SMS_SITE_BACKUP SMS site backup service is stopping. SMS_SITE_BACKUP


To prevent these errors, configure Configuration Manager Backup to start at a time outside the window for other backup jobs on the server.  The schedule for this can be found in the Configuration Manager Console under Site Management -> Site Code -> Site Settings -> Site Maintenance -> Tasks -> Backup ConfigMgr Site Server.

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